LOMR on South Platte River near Platteville, CO at the confluence of St. Vrain Creek and the South Platte River. The analysis included revising the approximate floodplain limits (Zone A) and establishing the Floodway limit based on one-sided encoachment to allow for the construction of dams and reservoirs

LOMR on Tri-Town Drainage detailed study area involving areas within the Town of Frederick, Town of Firestone and Unincorporated Weld County. The analysis included master drainage modeling (CUHP/UDSWMM), completing a corrected effective model based on errors found in the HEC-RAS model previous accepted by FEMA, and reflecting constructed structural improvements designed and constructed by Civil Resources including: channel improvements, bridge design, retaining walls and drop structures

CLOMR on The Shores (Hall-Irwin, Inc.) included hydraulic modeling of three floodplains including the Godding Hollow and Tri-Town drainages and the St. Vrain River to apply for a CLOMR. Also completed CUHP and UDSWMM modeling to update the Master Drainage Plan and to preliminary size major drainage facilities for a planned development area located at the downstream end of two major drainage basins near Frederick, CO

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