Construction Inspection Services

Town of Frederick, Colorado

In conjunction with the development review, Civil Resources’ staff is on hand to perform construction inspection for all developer constructed public improvements. This includes but is not limited to inspection of waterline, valves and hydrants, storm sewer, roadways, curb and gutter, retaining walls, backfill, concrete inlet and outlet structures, and box culverts. We also perform proof-rolls on subgrade for roadway, curb and gutter construction and track and verify compaction and moisture content to be sure all is within the specifications.

We attend construction meetings to notify contractors of critical points of the construction and prepare inspection reports. Our involvement in reviewing the plans submitted to the Town allow us to become familiar with projects, which leads to construction with few field changes and ultimately results in a high quality product for the citizenry.

Portfolio Categories: Bidding and Construction Engineering.

323 5th Street, PO Box 680, Frederick, CO 80530
Phone: 303.833.1416 Fax: 303.833.2850

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