Milliken Waterline

Town of Milliken, Colorado

Civil Resources prepared the final design of waterline improvements including a new PRV and associated vault for the Town of Milliken. The new vault is to reduce observed pressure spikes in the South Pressure Zone. Additional valve controls were also included near the vault to add controllability to this system. The final design also included approximately 800 to 1000 linear feet of waterline to loop the proposed Peregrine Creek subdivision into the existing subdivision immediately north of Peregrine. The waterline was installed along WCR 19.5 and tied into the existing line in Bobcat Drive via the existing utility easement. A geotechnical investigation was completed including one boring at the site of the pressure reducing valve (PRV) and four borings along the alignment of the WCR 19.5 connection. The soils were tested for standard parameters and soil reactivity for accessing the level of protection required.

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