Municipal Water Rights Planning

Town of Frederick, Colorado

2003: Raw Water Master Plan – Evaluate the Town’s existing water rights portfolio and identify other local water rights with estimated yield and seniority of each decree. Evaluated St. Vrain River and Boulder Creek rights and made recommendations as to the value of each share group within the Town’s System.

2004: Raw Water Model and Yield Analysis – Constructed a water system model capable of evaluating the yield of specific water right portfolios within the Town’s existing system and consider the benefit of adding storage to the system considering various potential water portfolios. The water rights yield modeling included local ditch rights in the Town’s planning area and was used to calculate average, dry year and system yield levels of each right. Subsequently, the yield analysis was used to modify the water dedication ordinance and establish developer dedication credit levels for each local water right.

2004: Engineering Report for Water Storage Right Application (Case No. 03CW224) – Completed an engineering report supporting the application for additional storage in the Lower Boulder Extension Reservoir, and three other separate ponds used in conjunction with the Town’s raw water irrigation system.

2003 – present: Evaluation of specific water rights consumptive use credit and general evaluation of the water for use within the Town’s water portfolio in addition to evaluating out-of-area and regional projects for potential participation by the Town.

Portfolio Categories: Water Rights.

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