Raw Water Pump Station & Transmission

Town of Frederick, Colorado

Civil Resources estimated irrigation demands and completed detailed hydraulic modeling to layout and size a raw water distribution system for the Town of Frederick. The system contained several service areas or zones and three separate EPANET models were required to accurately represent the proposed systems. The master plan and model were created as tools to help the Town make water supply decisions based on future growth and the availability of raw water within the Town’s planning limits. A new Water Dedication Ordinance was adopted based on recommendations from the model and evaluation of regional projects. Civil Resources completed the final design, technical specifications and construction engineering for the Phase 1 improvements of this system which included the primary pump station, intake screening design, and over two miles of transmission main. The transmission main extended through existing residential neighborhoods and multiple utility conflicts were addressed primarily by designing around the conflict, however other conflicts required lowering the project main or moving the conflicting utility. Civil Resources also prepared an engineers opinion of cost and completed construction administration and inspection for the project.

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