Civil Resources has a skilled, dedicated and experienced core staff that consistently develops plans and practices that are effective at solving the issues encountered in a variety of municipal projects. They have a wealth of knowledge related to water resources in this region and a strong grasp of generally accepted engineering practices.

– Dick Leffler,
Town Engineer, Town of Frederick


Storm Drainage

Be prepared for anything.
Colorado knows the devastating power of heavy rains and unprecedented flooding. Combined with rapid growth and development along the Front Range, the potential for storms of great intensity has increased the demand for quality storm drainage improvements in numerous communities.

Civil Resources blends a solid understanding of storm water management with best management practices to effectively control storm water and to provide water quality improvements wherever possible.

Environmental sustainability, economics, and aesthetics all play an important role in storm drainage solutions. We design storm water management controls that are sensitive to the environment and cost effective for our clients.

  • Master Drainage Planning and Modeling
  • Site Drainage Analysis
  • Channel Stabilization
  • Detention Facility Outfalls Design


Watershed Modeling and Design

Professional insight into water behaviors.
Civil Resources combines modeling and engineering principles with deep expertise. We utilize HEC-RAS river and surface modeling, the national standard for FEMA and local agencies. From open channel to closed pipe systems, we have broad experience applying municipal water modeling and the associated design components on a large variety of projects.

Our industry-leading software programs assist in our analyses, and include:

  • HEC Models (HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS)
  • TR20, TR55
  • Breach, Floodway


Collection, Transmission and Distribution Systems

Essential utility services to keep things flowing.

Having an understanding of the needs, routes, physical constraints, approval requirements and environmental concerns is paramount in any transmission and distribution system analysis, as it is in planning and design. The basis for engineering analysis is comprised of compiling maps, previous reports, field geologic and topographic data, and creating an appropriate base map and dataset. Discussing the criteria for safe and appropriate design, and matching it with our client’s goals is primary to the project.

Civil Resources has successfully developed plans and designs based on the goals and criteria required to fit distinct physical and regulatory environments and within budget.

  • Water Mains
  • Potable Water Distribution Systems
  • Raw Water Delivery Systems
  • Storm Water Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer
  • Bidding and Construction Engineering
  • Permitting

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